Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Hydrop Media


Hydrop media has helped with a few practical reasons to position your business in this space. It's wise to clinch a few key accounts (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) before somebody else does. Given that the future may demand them as part of your strategy, pin them down and take ownership. Another logical reason is search engine optimisation. Search grows all the time, as more people connect to the web globally, and being active on social media will allow your brand more visibility on the search engines. Moreover, optimising, enables your business to stay above competitors with similar brand names.

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Doing fun and creative things in the social space is an incredible way to build a following and generate visits to your website, but building a brand is more about trust and loyalty. Social pages are a place for complements, a place for complaints and a place for prospective buyers to judge a brand's values. These platforms revolutionised owned media, and a power shift in the last 5 years has played into the hands of the consumer.

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